Monday, 2 February 2015

PowerShell: How do I append data to an existing file in SharePoint with a new line and quotes?

A recent proejct required the injection of some runtime data in my require js configuration file. The following code allowed me to inject the new values into the file.

$site = Get-SPSite "http://mysite"

$file = $site.RootWeb.GetFile("/Style Library/myfile.js")

if (($file -ne $null) -and ($file.Exists -eq $true))
$binaryAsIs = $file.OpenBinary()

$asciiEncoding = New-Object -TypeName System.Text.UTF8Encoding
$asIs = $asciiEncoding.GetString($binaryAsIs)

        # This is the text to append to the top.
        # `r`n will create a crlf (new line)
        # $([char]34) will embed a double quote in the text

$new = "// Here is some next text `r`n //and here is text in $([char]34)quotes([char]34)`r`n"
$newFile = $new + $asIs

$binaryToBe = $asciiEncoding.GetBytes($newFile)



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