Wednesday, 27 April 2016

SharePoint: How do I create a link as a calculated column.

The 'secret' is to set the column type to NUMBER and then create a concatenated string of the anchor. For example, this would be a link to to my side passing in the ID of 1 to the query string

The formula could look as follows:
=CONCATENATE("<a"," href='","http://richardtestsite?ID=",[ID],"'>click here</a>")

SharePoint: Why does my email template look good in my SharePoint list and so bad in Outlook?

I have recently implemented a simple email solution as part of a project. The project required the emails subject and body to be configurable. That was easy - create a template list and extract the data where required.

The problem is that the email body looks great in SharePoint, but less that spectacular in Outlook. I tried several options, including removing all DIVs and removing all of the extra 'goodness' that SharePoint injects. No luck.

The solution was to write the html IN A SINGLE LINE. No line breaks. It seems that Outlook still picks up that information and that caused the rendering issue.

  <td>My Stuff</td>

became <table><tr><td>My Stuff</td></tr></table>