Wednesday, 12 February 2014

SharePoint 2013: Configure 2013 Workflows for Sharepoint Designer

Workflows are configured a little differently in SharePoint 2013 than they are in 2010. I tried to find a good resource to take me through the installation and the best one I found was at

A brief summation of the steps are:
1. Download workflow manager
2. Download workflow client
3. Add a binding to new web (12290 for https / 12991 for http)
4. Register the Service
5. Make sure that the port (12290/12291) is allowed as an incoming rule in the firewall.

The only problem I encountered while following the installation instructions (which are excellent) was the registration if the SPWorkflowService. I found the resolution to my problem on the Microsoft site - my Register-SPWorkflowService command needed a –AllowOAuthHttp flag at the end.

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